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What is the price of virtual receptionist services? It’s a question that is more complex than it seems. The qualities of different call answering services can be very different depending on the provider.

All our virtual office staff are UK based – that means a welcoming local human voice managing phone answering for your business. To really ensure you gain the most benefit from your Virtual Receptionist each and every time, they should be local – callers should feel that your Virtual Receptionists are sitting in your offices – not on the other side of the world.

Your call answering staff should also be very experienced and highly trained, you don’t want amateurs with a poor phone manner representing your firms name. Your Virtual Receptionist should be an expert in call handling with a sound knowledge of the UK business world – and with just the right voice tone polished by years of experience answering calls.


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Pick A First Class Virtual Receptionist Service

Its sensible to do your home work before choosing an Answering Service and ask the telephone answering service for a breakdown of their pricing structure – check that their Receptionists are all UK based during business hours and what they do after hours. It is wise to also research how long their call answering service has been in business and learn a bit about their client base and the systems that they use. Your Virtual Receptionist London team has been servicing small and medium businesses throughout the UK, US and Australia since 2014 and our clients range from two person enterprises to companies of 100+ staff. We provide phone answering services to small manufacturers, legal firms, real estate agencies, electricians, plumbers and surveyors, tourism companies, IT providers, business consultants and many more businesses – each one unique.

So once you are satisfied that a virtual receptionist service is well established and respected and you are sure their 9-5 team is UK based – the next step is to examine the pricing package. At Virtual Receptionist London the pricing package is flexible. If you don’t expect many calls, take a basic retainer and pay per answered call. Choose a base plan of a number of calls per month, e.g. 50 or 100 if you think the call volume could be higher – and just pay a small excess fee if the call rate rises above your package. If you are not sure what the best call answering package is for your business – our experienced team will answer every question and help you determine the most cost-effective call solution. Our consideration is your satisfaction. We love to establish a great business relationship.

Your Virtual Receptionist London call answering service won’t charge your business a set-up fee. We don’t insist on long contracts or even minimum terms – and there are no cancellation fees. It’s an open versatile arrangement, because we know that the modern business world demands flexibility. Your business wants to focus on customer care so you’ve arranged a 24/7 live answering service. Our business is also focused in customer care. You. Contact us. Take a free one-week trial. Experience the talent of your team.

What does a Receptionist Service cost? What does it cost not to have a Virtual Call Answering Service?

Even if your business does employ a full-time receptionist during working hours, can you be sure, really sure, can you guarantee they never miss a call? When your reception is on holiday leave or sick leave or even out at lunch – what’s the back up? Is someone else with other responsibilities rostered to answer phone calls? What happens when the volumes of telephone calls peak and things get really busy – how many important sales opportunities are lost when customers are tersely asked to “please hold” – and they wait and wait. Can you place a cost to revenue on that?

What is that unknown impact to revenue when a prospective client calls at 5.20pm after normal working hours and a machine tells them to leave a message, and they don’t? What is the cost to your business when your competitor offers a Live Call Answering Service after hours and takes that call?

When the dynamic commercial world ranges across geography and time zones as a normal part of the business cycle – how will your business communicate? When people structure their work-life balance away from 9am-5pm and WFH or work from anywhere with smart phones becomes a normal – what is the cost of not being available? What price will your business pay by answering every opportunity with a prompt menu and a voicemail apology?

Phone Answering Service

A Virtual Receptionist is the effective reception service solution to staying in touch with your customers. People want to talk to people. They like a business that treats them well. Let the live professional voice of our Virtual Receptionist offer a welcome greeting in your business name whenever you need. Use Virtual Receptionist London just for overflow calls or all the time 24/7, use us to schedule appointments and forward calls, we’ll update with email or text SMS. Rely on us to manage all the FAQs and record all the detail of client enquires. Trust us to prioritise according to your instructions. We want to seem to you and your customers that we are simply part of the company. We are here to add value as your local support, a Telephone Answering Service that is totally dedicated to never missing a phone call to your business.

eReceptionist Services Make Sense

Don’t let your people get distracted. Don’t let yourself be needlessly interrupted. Arrange your phone communication with our specialist call answering service today. Provide your customers a live helpful person to talk to instead of a beeping machine.

More Than Just A Virtual Receptionist

Our experienced team can do more than just answer those incoming calls. Our customer service staff can help with a whole variety of tasks including assisting customers when they fill out web forms, giving out phone numbers, providing help to businesses in terms of your firms location plus much more.

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