What does a Phone Answering Service cost?

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An answering service makes good business sense

At Virtual Receptionist London, our pricing is based upon which monthly service plans you choose. Our Answering Service is really cost effective and the pricing plan for a Virtual Receptionist is straightforward. Think about how many calls your business receives. If you think the call volume to your business will be low then take our basic level with a retainer of only £10 per month and a per call fee of £1.10. The next step up, if you are a bit busier, is the package based upon 25 calls per month. A retainer of £29 covers all those calls and any additional call is at a rate of just £1.

The next range is a retainer of £49 for 50 calls and then £95 for 100 calls – the same rate applies for additional calls.

Its really simple. At Virtual Receptionist London we don’t have any security deposits, there are no minimum terms and we don’t charge set-up fees.

So how much does an Answering Service cost? It’s less than you think and the benefits are more than you imagined.


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A Phone Answering Business is the call management solution – no matter what size your business is

The main thing to remember with our Phone Answering Services is that we can grow with you. For a small business owner it is so convenient because instead of a static response to extra calls, the response is fluid and dynamic. Those days of being interrupted by a sudden round of customer calls when there is no-one available are over. Our Virtual Receptionist team means busy times are easily dealt with and each call will receive the same capable courteous care. Your service is scalable – more incoming calls just means more members of our UK based team handling calls for you.

What sort of firms use Telephone Answering?

All kinds of small and medium sized businesses use Live Answering Services and even some large ones too. Appointing a Live Answering Service is a choice for versatility and professionalism. Many building firms and tradespeople who spend most of their time at work sites like the convenience of a Virtual Reception team filtering their calls on behalf of their business – it simply leaves them free to get on with the job. Real estate agencies and mortgage brokers also use Call Answering to free up their time, especially when they are servicing clients on the weekends. Businesses know they will never miss a call and every sales lead and opportunity will be captured, it’s a task they just can’t consistently cover by themselves when they are working on the main assignments of the business. Answering Service charges are minor, but the true cost of a small business owner trying to be an entrepreneur, a business manager AND a receptionist is too high.

A lot of home businesses and franchise business owners use an answering service to ensure a professional image to their market. A friendly welcoming professional voice in just the right tone is a huge plus for a small business. If that very first client contact is always a positive well managed event, it sets the scene for customer relationships and revenue growth.

Law firms, public relations companies, NGOs, training companies, accountancy firms, specialist manufacturers, funeral homes, education providers, product distributors – the variety of businesses utilising Telephone Answering Services is constantly growing, it’s a normal business practice for customer focussed companies.

Why Virtual Receptionist London is your best service provider for Call Answering.

One of the clearest reasons to go with Virtual Receptionist London is our very simply pricing methodology and how we ask our customers to test us, with a free one-week trial. It’s also really important to know that all our Virtual Receptionist Service Team are UK based. It makes such a difference when customers hear a friendly local voice. Clients feel reassured that our Virtual Receptionists will easily understand all the usual UK business jargon and they won’t have to explain anything to strangers on the other side of the world. We are also your best Call Answering provider because we know the industry – its absolutely crucial that you trust your call handling to a provider with many years’ experience. When we answer your calls in your company’s name, it’s always with a highly experienced welcoming voice, a Virtual Reception professional.

Those are three good reasons to choose Virtual Receptionist London.

What happens if your business changes?

In this constantly changing commercial environment with all the pressures of and impacts of Covid19 every small business needs to adjust their strategy to events. Your Call Answering services will adjust with you. If your business wants to link with customers who now WFH at all sorts of hours – we can arrange Live Call Answering for the weekend. If you’re using voicemail after office hours and worried that clients are just not leaving messages and hanging up – let VirtualreceptionistLondon catch those opportunities with a real person answering the call. Its so easy to adjust your service. The only thing that doesn’t change is our consistent service ethic.

How do you get started?

Starting your Phone Answering Service is simple. Just give our Virtual Reception team a call. We will discuss the Answering Service costs and help you define the pricing structure that best suits your business. We will build a FAQ and really get to know your company and share the knowledge across our team. We’ll integrate your instructions for caller prioritisation and call forwarding and we’ll set up email and SMS text messaging. It’s a comprehensive but easy process. Your Answering Service can be up and running within a few hours and you can adjust it whenever you like without any penalties whatsoever. At virtualreceptionistlondon we succeed when your business succeeds. Call us. We’ll answer promptly with a friendly voice

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