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Answering service for lawyers in London

Being a busy London barrister or solicitor you really know what it is like to have to juggle your work load. One second you are planning a defence the next you are conversing with a new client and then five minutes after that you are heading up to court. While this is all going on, the last thing that you want is to have the telephone ringing just when you are needing to concentrate.

Rather than trying to manage your telephone answering in-house perhaps you should think about signing up for an virtual receptionist service and outsourcing some of the more mundane and annoying calls to us. At VirtualReceptionist. London we use a team of professional and skilled telephonists who are on hand to answer those incoming calls when you can’t.

First impressions count for everything, especially when you work in law. Unlike much of our competition we don’t cut costs in regards to providing you our customer with first rate local UK receptionists who are available to answer your calls. Our skilled staff are all based here in the UK and are mature and experienced receptionists who will deliver the right impression with your clients.

You will be amazed at how much time you will save by outsourcing your call answering to us. Think about how you can grow your law practice by not having to worry about a number of the more basic admin tasks. If you have a firm of 3-4 people then it is likely that there will be around 2 hours each day that is spent simply on taking calls and passing those messages along.


Try us out with no obligation. We are convinced that once you see how easy our system is to use you will be here to stay.

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How exactly does it all work?

It is really quite simple to set everything up and you can be operational in minutes.

How does it all work?

It is really easy to set up and can be operational in minutes.

  • You subscribe to our free trial, either through the sign-up form on the website or by calling one of our helpful customer service team members.
  • After sign-up to our free trial you need let us know what you want us to say to your callers when we answer your calls. This personalised greeting can be changed as often as you want via our apps or our admin login. You will then need to let us know whether you want us to take a message or forward the calls through to another number (possibly yourself or a colleague).
  • You then need to inform us in terms of how you will want messages delivered to you. You are able to either receive your messages via email (free of charge) or via SMS (for a tiny cost per SMS). Most customers opt for the email option .
  • You are then ready to get started, you will need to divert your existing number to a number provided by us (you could either divert straight away or after a specific number of rings) and you can be confident that we will answer your calls and greet your customers in a professional and business like manner. You will have your messages delivered to you in a matter of minutes from the call coming in.
  • We keep our loyal customers due to the fact that we provide a great level of service and not because we lock them in to lengthy contracts. You will be able to cancel at any time.

There is absolutely no obligation to move all your calls to all of us. It really is totally flexible and entirely up to you, if you are experiencing a particularly busy week then you could divert everything to us while in a slow week you might decide that you are not going to divert any calls. We also have some great apps that you can load onto your phone to manage your account.

What if I need a local UK telephone number?

Virtual Receptionist London can provide you with local UK telephone numbers for all major cities in UK. In the event that you don’t have a local UK number then we can provide you with one.

How do I get my messages?

Your messages will be delivered by either email or text message (small fee per text applies). With the popularity of smart phones these days we find that the vast majority of our customers get their messages delivered by email to their smart phones.

How will the free trial work?

You can test drive our system at no obligation to you for a period of 7 days. We don’t even require a credit card at this stage. What have you got to lose, test drive our system today!

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