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Virtual Receptionist London Telephone Answering Service UK

Running a small business quite often entails wearing a lot of different hats. You need to be the salesman, the worker, the office admin and the telephone answerer. It can really distract you from working at growing your business. This is where Virtual Receptionist London can help. We can take over your telephone answering while you focus on building your business and getting more customers.

Virtual Receptionist Service

Think of how much time you are going to save by not having to take all of those incoming calls. Think of all that work you lose because you can’t answer your phone promptly. For an affordable monthly fee we can give you back the time to focus on building new business, thinking about strategy and better servicing existing customers.

Answering Service

Our London team are your team. Our professional receptionists will be on hand to take all of those important calls while you attend to business. Our staff are so good that many of the clients of our customers think that our receptionists are actually in our clients UK offices. What better compliment for a telephone answering service!

Virtual Receptionist

With our call answering service you don’t need to committ straight away! We offer a 7 day free trial so you can test our service out and see if it is right for you. During those 7 days our professional virtual receptionists can be answering incoming phone calls for your business and delivering your customer messages via email. If you decide to go ahead with a package then we have a range of packages to suit businesses of all sizes.

Business Answering Service

Here at Virtual Receptionist London we offer a range of call centre services. We have virtual assistants who can carry out sales admin services while on the phone to your customer or who can be answering marketing campaign specific queries from incoming customer calls.

Call Answering Service

You will be in good company! We answer incoming calls for a broad range of businesses including lawyers, accountants, management consultants, IT professionals, real estate agents and many more. We like to see ourselves as trusted members of our customers teams.

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Virtual Receptionist

telephone answering service makes great sense for your business. Think of all of those times you are really focussed on a task but have to drop everything to get to the phone. With our professional reception service you will be able to leave those calls to us.

Our service is really easy to set up. You simply tell us what greeting you want us to use when dealing with your customers and how you want your messages delivered to you (these days most customers opt for email) and then all you need to do is divert you existing number through to us and you are ready to go.

Unlike a lot of the competition we will not lock you in to a long-term contract. We keep a large portion of our customers for several years because of the exceptional level of service that we provide at a really affordable price. You can even test out our service for a 7 day period at absolutely no cost to you.

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Virtual Assistant

Why not use one of our virtual assistants to help with all those time consuming general admin or sales admin tasks which can end up consuming all of your valuable time. We charge on a per minute basis so you only ever need to pay for what you use.

When you outsource all of your mundane tasks to us you free up your time to focus on the strategic tasks and generating more income for your business. Your time is incredibly valuable and it doesn't make a lot of sense to waste it on basic tasks that could be handled by a virtual assistant. Using one of our assistants will help you take your London business to new heights.

Need a local London phone number? Not a problem, we currently have a whole range of local numbers that can be allocated to you instantly. This number that we allocate to you will be the local phone number that we recognise your business by. If you are a start up then you are welcome to advertise that number, put it on your business cards, your website and even your promotional material. If you are a well established business like a great many of our UK clients, then you simply need to forward your existing phone number to the number allocated to you. It really is that easy!

Quite often businesses looking for a particular service will prefer to deal with a company that has a local number rather than a national one and vice versa. Here at VirtualOffice.London we can allocate you a local London telephone number to use for your business within London. We can then forward that number to any other number that you provide us with. The whole thing works seamlessly.

If you require a national presence for your London business then we can issue you an 0800 number. For many of our customers it makes good sense to get a national number. The great thing is that with VirtualReceptionist.London the choice is entirely yours and all of our numbers can be set up almost instantly.

It Makes Good Business & Financial Sense

As a business owner your time is extremely valuable. It doesn’t make sense to be working on tasks that could be outsourced to a cheaper resource. When you get a telephone answering service from VirtualReceptionist.London you can use us as little or as much as you want. You could just use us for your overflow calls or you could use us for all of your calls, it is totally up to you. The average small business customer spends less than £60 per month. Given the peace of mind that comes with having a first class answering service this is a really affordable price. It really does make great business sense.

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