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A Strategy for Growth and Customer Service Excellence. Your Small Business Answering Service

For small and medium business owners, the image of their company in the sometimes-crowded marketplace is as important as selling their product or service. A small business owner needs to sell the image of her business just as much as the product.

Perfection is when your image and your great product are the same thing – and then being successful is simply being consistently great.

Selling the image is based upon all your communications for your small business. Hard copy advertising, a website, SEO optimisation, business cards, social media branding, outdoor branding, company t shirts, radio, TV advertising, sponsorships, and there is just one more.


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Phone communication. What is your strategy?

You know your business, where your prospective customers are, who they are, what you are selling to them. So how should you set up your communications? Does your business pride itself on being straightforward, dynamic, on a growth trajectory and totally customer focussed? Is that the image you want for your business? How will that translate to your telephone communications?

As a business owner your strategy for answering incoming calls and how you eliminate missed calls is really important to your company’s success.

Deciding on the call handling strategy means asking questions

Are you just starting out in a new business and taking all the business calls on your mobile? Would you like someone to represent you and filter the calls?

When and how do you want to answer phone calls to your firm? How will you deal with the call volume?

Does the WFH market expect you to be more available to answer calls live?

Does your business have a full-time receptionist? Do you pay full-time staff to cover receptionist duties? Or do you have someone acting as an answering service and also completing other tasks? How is that working out? What happens when the in-house answering service is at lunch, or on leave? Is it really ok to interrupt other staff and expect them to be a receptionist service during office hours?

A Small Business Answering Service is a partner for your customer service strategy

A Friendly Virtual Reception should be an integral part of your customer service strategy.

Customer first impression is crucial. Will it be a phone ringing on and on if a customer calls at 5.20pm? Will it be “please speak after the beep” when a client rings at 8am from an airport with an urgent product query?

Will they be told to “please hold” if they call at 11am on a busy day – do they wait and wait or will they hang up and you will never get that sales lead?

Our Phone Answering Service will impress your callers.

A welcoming courteous local voice because all your Virtualreceptionistlondon Answering Service team are UK based.

An actual person answering your business incoming calls. No prompts. No voicemail.

A live dedicated Virtual Receptionist with perfect voice tone and excellent phone etiquette.

Clients will be delighted to experience their calls answered immediately.

An experienced professional, very familiar with the culture of the UK business world and all the commercial jargon.

Highly trained and experienced Virtual Receptionists who are part of a Receptionist team – busy periods are never a problem now because your call handling service is scalable – every call is promptly answered, always.

Your Small Business Answering Service become just like staff

You’ve provided our local Call Answering Service team with a business overview. Together we have written a comprehensive FAQ. Messaging will be in place via email or SMS text. You’ve instructed your new Virtual Reception team how you want us to prioritise calls and we have all your directions for call forwarding to members of your company. When your live Virtual Receptionists answer incoming calls, they will welcome inbound calls in your business name. Your customers will think this real person, your Virtual Receptionist, is working in your own office. You’ll think they are just like your own in-house team.

Your Phone Answering Service – the benefits for small business

The key tactical advantages of a Business Answering Service for your firm are availability, reliability, flexibility and cost savings.

Availability: A Live Telephone Answering Service ensures that your customers can speak to a live actual Virtual Receptionist whenever you want. Weekends, holidays, 24/7, after hours, or just as support for overflow times.

Reliability: Your Call Answering Services are a large UK based Virtual Receptionist team. They are highly experienced and dedicated to one task, call answering. Every call to your company will be answered straightaway, no matter what time of day it is or what day it is. You have complete control over missing calls. It will not happen.

Flexibility: There are no minimum terms for your VirtualreceptionLondon Call Answering Service.. We don’t make you sign a complicated long-term contract. Use us when you want to, for as long or as short as you like. It takes only a matter of hours to set your service up. Expand it or reduce it as you require. We are simply an expert team, providing reliable support for small business owners.

Cost Savings: Talk with us and choose the flexible package that best suits your business. Whatever level of service you decide, you’ll know it is the best cost-effective solution for call management. You save on the salaries and associated overheads of employing your own reception. You save on space, because there is no need for a dedicated receptionist area. You save on the lost value of key staff performing ad hoc receptionist roles.

A Call Answering Service for your small business – It’s not unusual.

Live Virtual Reception and Virtual Assistants answering sales calls and transferring calls and scheduling and cancelling appointments is normal business activity. Its not unusual for an actual person to answer telephone calls at 7pm and take messages for a popular service company. Its normal practice for many businesses to switch over to their Call Answering Service when most of the staff are unavailable or attending meetings and client visits.

Telephone Answering Services are not new. They are purely an incremental improvement in communications, a natural progression from the impersonal voicemail habit of previous decades. Smart businesses realised that people want to talk to people. People don’t like having to compress all their questions and thoughts into a few seconds of recording – especially if they don’t have a clue when someone will respond. If a new customer calls from another time zone at 6pm your time, why not welcome their inquiry and surprise them with your Virtual Receptionist’s welcome voice? Catch that sales lead before your competitor does.

Save money. Think differently.

Many small businesses have also realised that an inhouse-receptionist with all the accompanying overheads is an expensive way to answer incoming calls and transfer calls and message the business. Roles change. Your IT help desk does not need to take up space in your office. You have chosen cloud solutions rather than in-house servers. Your business does not actually even need to lease its own office and pay the utilities and pay for maintenance when there are so many serviced offices available to swiftly set-up in. Structures change. You may not even need any office space at all and simply decide on a Virtual Office for your small business, perhaps some prestigious CBD address for mail and packages and sundry meetings. Perhaps a respected address in a regional centre, a location to print on your business cards, along with your phone contact details. Your usual phone number will then route incoming calls seamlessly to your friendly Virtual Reception who will answer calls in the name of your business. Its not the future. It’s the normal present solution for many small businesses.

Care for your customers and you care for your business.

Customer focussed small businesses use friendly Virtual Receptionists to control their image and stand-out from their competition. Customer care is always a point of difference in small business – and customers quickly ascertain whether a business is “all talk and no substance” when it comes to customer satisfaction. Telephone Answering Services are a key method to ensure customer engagement. The clients of a successful customer focussed small business stay loyal and engaged across 24/7, because they receive real service, the personal touch, real people talk to them when they call.

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For small businesses, the strategy for answering telephone calls and the process to transfer calls to the relevant department or person and how you eliminate missed calls are really important to your company’s success.

It’s often that one single phone call that is handled impeccably that will completely change the growth trajectory of your business. Miss that call, handle it poorly, and you’ve lost the future.

Talk to us at Virtual Receptionist London. We always answer promptly. Let’s discuss your needs and how we can help. Take our free trial and experience the multiple benefits to your small business with a welcoming local voice from Virtual Receptionist London.

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