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Virtual Receptionist London Telephone Answering Service UK

When you need a virtual receptionist so you can cut back on the cost of an in-house receptionist it’s always best to choose a provider with long term industry experience like Virtual Receptionist London. Don’t risk the efficacy of the change by subscribing to an amazingly cheap service that seems to promise the world. That’s all you’ll experience, promises.

But it’s an easy change when you sign up with a service with expert local UK receptionists who understand our commercial environment and the business terminology we take for granted. Choose a service with transparent pricing and no set-up feeds. Choose a service that doesn’t require long-term contracts. And above all, go with experience.

Searching for a virtual receptionist service near me and subscribing to a telephone answering service with a reputation for integrity and quality is the smartest way to put your mind at ease. Don’t ever take the risk of disappointing your loyal customers and prospective customers by signing with a second-rate offshore call centre that barely remembers what your business does. Yes it will be cheap and they will answer 24/7, but it will costly when your clientele becomes frustrated and move their custom to your competitor instead.

Virtual Receptionist Service

Whether you want to reduce the cost burdens associated with an in-house receptionist or you’ve realised you simply can’t run a business effectively if you try to answer every phone call yourself –  whatever the reason – it’s a wise decision to join  the modern way of leveraging technology with virtual business services. Besides virtual receptionist services, there are also virtual offices, and virtual assistants and who can guess what other virtual services for businesses will go live over the next years – with global connectivity it seems the only limit to virtual business services is imagination.

Virtual Receptionist Services are here to stay. Virtual Receptions are increasingly seen as just a normal way to manage phone communications. From Dubai to Dortmund, from Lisbon to Las Vegas, from Sao Paolo to Singapore, virtual business services are the new normal. But keep in mind the huge difference between a virtual receptionist service and overseas outsourced call centres. A virtual receptionist service must seem to your customers as part of your business, these are your employee, working behind a reception desk at your office. Virtually. These are local receptionists working remotely, highly trained experts at call management, teams of receptionists fully cognisant of your business products and services, call answering specialists greeting every caller  with the scripted welcome you have devised, absolute professionals at handling incoming calls.

Answering Service

What’s the reason your business needs to use a telephone answering service.? Are you looking at experiencing the advantages over time or do you need to solve a situation right now? The experience of the Covid19 pandemic affected UK business in  multiple ways and some companies really needed to find solutions fast. Many businesses during the pandemic  found that their staff were all working really well from home and the cost burden of leasing office space just didn’t make sense anymore.  So that meant that if there was no office space, there would be no reception – no visitors to an office space that didn’t make sense anymore.

So the logical alternative was to implement a virtual reception. A Virtual Reception is an answering service but its also a public relations tool, a cost saving tool, a revenue driver, a time saving tool and an asset that provides absolute certainty that a business will never miss a call.

Virtual Receptionist

The best way to check if a virtual receptionist provider is credible and reliable is to enquire if you can trial the service. Virtual Receptionist London offers a 7 day free trial with no obligation. Any phone answering service that doesn’t allow you to sample and test for free this really important facet of your business is not worth bothering with. A Virtual Receptionist is the front line of your business, especially if most of your sales are made online. Your business really only has a few seconds to make a successful first impression with customers. Don’t waste the opportunity.

Business Answering Service

Our UK based receptionists have experience working for many industries ,professions and services. From landscaping services to financial consultants, lawyers, designers, fitness trainers, artists, event planners, plumbers and many more. We know the UK business world and we have the experience of answering thousands of calls each month. Isn’t it wise to rely on highly experienced local receptionists to manage the phone calls to your business? Just pick the call package that suits.  Is your current estimate of calls each month around 100 calls? How does £95 per month suit you?

Call Answering Service

Answering services have improved dramatically with the advent of cloud technology and global connectivity, and yet amongst all the development research tells us very clearly that people still want to speak to live people when they call. People hate being asked to leave a message “after the beep” and they usually won’t. Chat bots don’t really fare much better and both of these types of call services treat customers with little understanding and a lot of distain. With Virtual Receptionist services you can achieve the cost saving advantages of messaging machines and bots and still build a great customer relationship. How can we do this? We can help your UK business save money and grow revenue because you are only paying for what you need, when you need it. You don’t have to pay for any technology, you don’t have to pay for receptionist salaries, you don’t have to pay for tech support when the bots go haywire. The only cost is the call package you choose and it’s a very cost effective price for an experienced local UK receptionist reliably answering every call promptly with just the right professional tone.  Contact us today.

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